Perioscopy versus surgery

There are several reasons why Perioscopy – may be a better alternative for you than surgery:

  • Effectiveness – using the dental endoscope, skilled clinicians are able to see below the gum line to find and treat areas of plaque and calculus that would go undetected in traditional treatment methods. Placement of specialist antibiotics beneath the gumline also assists with arresting disease and remodelling lost bone around the teeth.

  • Freedom from pain – because the instruments are so tiny and so accurate, perioscopy treatments are almost completely painless.

  • Long Term Results – because Periodontal Endoscopy (PE) addresses all aspects of the periodontal disease process, and not just merely the removal of the calculus trapped under the gums, we observe long term periodontal health.

  • Cost – Perioscopy costs much less than periodontal surgery – the real savings is in prevention of tooth loss and the enormous costs associated with tooth replacement.

  • Cosmetics – Perioscopy treatment is unlikely to cause the gum disfigurement that sometimes results from osseous periodontal surgery.

  • Prevention –  undiagnosed dental problems-such as decay or failing restorations-can be detected early with perioscopy, preventing larger problems.

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